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Jackets Required only sells embroidered blazers for men and ladies of the finest quality in the industry. Great for country clubs, universities, sororities, fraternities, corporations, clubs, churches and teams.

For the past 15 years, Jackets Required has been the leader in high quality fabrics and custom embroidery of which we go to great lengths to insure the highest standards. We cut the lining of each blazer to retain the functionality of the front blazer pocket and the inside pockets. For a nominal fee, we can add a person's name on the inside lining for a personal touch.

Great for Country Clubs for members, board members, club champions and staff.
Perfect for the Member Guest tournament, Past President's and Hall of Fame Members.

All types of sports teams will travel well and look sharp in the team blazers from Jackets Required. Perfect way to show your team colors and travel in a professional manner.

Colleges and Universities can provide their Distinguished Alumni with matching embroidered blazers from Jackets Required. Great for all team sports to wear their school colors when they travel in their embroidered blazer from Jackets Required.

Corporate blazers with the company logo embroidered make great gifts for awards and outstanding performance and achievements. Perfect for honoring employees or for companies to wear to trade shows to show off their company colors.

No matter what club or organization you belong to, embroidered blazers from Jackets Required will be a cherished item in your closet for years of enjoyment.

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